Top Guidelines For 2017 On Recognising Significant Factors For Ball Gowns

Nov 07, 2017

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A Parisian clothing brand is creating apparel from discarded hotel curtains

The brand was launched this year by designer Alexandra Hartmann. Image by Hôtel “I just got fascinated by the first set of curtains I found. The texture was incredibly soft, the kind of fabric your skin wants to get close to. It reminded me of a safe place. So I started imagining how this soft, dense material could wrap itself around a body, and I was struck by the unexpected shine and elegance emanating from what was basically a simple curtain. At the same time, the fabric was rich in history, it was like stories were woven into the fabric,” designer Alexandra Hartmann told Lonely Planet Travel News. Some of the material used for the line dates back as early as the 1940’s. Image by Hôtel Some of the jackets feature stunning silk lining and intricate detail, while others are minimalistic or reversible. Sourcing the curtains proved to be an epic undertaking, with Alexandra calling every hotel , motel, and chambres d´hôtes that she could think of in an effort to find interesting and quirky pieces that would be suitable. The jackets are handmade in a workshop in Belleville, Paris.

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